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Welcome to the de March Lab

The research of the lab is focused on the description of olfaction process at the atomic level. I build a virtual olfactory system by means of computational approaches in order to simulate the neuronal mechanism of the perception of smell. This way, I may help elucidate links between the structure of a chemical and its odor.


The first fundings of the lab! Thank you so much to the ANR and the graduate school of Paris Saclay University
What's the WOORST smell?
Happy to answer this question with the youtuber Dr Nozman!
The first structure of a human odorant receptor is finally out!
so many more questions to investigate in my lab



Exploration of Denisovan and Neandertal odorant receptors! The Jurassic Park of olfaction made with Pr. Kara Hoover.

Trailer uploaded on my Youtube channel Who Nose?

Our publication of the first structure is out!  From the cheese to an odorant receptor, be ready for the travel.


Exploration earth 2050! Great experience recording for this show with the Matsunami lab

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